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Strategic Plan

Australian Biathlon Strategic plan 2014 - 2026 Aust v2.00.00 Final copy

AB Athletes Commission About - V 0.00.04




Photography at Events


As with most sports it is often anticipated and expected that photos be taken of official events and other demonstration opportunities for the purposes of memorabilia and further promotion of the sport. The ABA is often not in control of spectators taking "happy-snaps" of events or promotional activities and therefore cannot be held accountable for such photos being made available outside of ABA involved websites or publications.

Photographs taken at ABA sanctioned events and various promotional activities throughout the year are usually taken in areas considered public-places and are therefore not considered to be part of any unlawful activity. The use of such photographs within ABA control for website posting and other such promotional purposes is considered within the grounds of legal consent and therefore requires the authorisation of any party, seen or involved in any way to the subject in the photograph of consideration for such purposes. Prior to any photograph being made available for promotional use the following document must be signed and returned to the ABA committee.


Photo Consent Form