Participation Guidelines

Please find below relevant documents relating to participation and management of biathlon within Australia;


Aust Biathlon Agreements

AUS Biathlon Athlete Agreement from 1 Jul 2017


Aust Biathlon Anti-Doping

Australian Biathlon's anti-doping policy, effective 1 January 2015. Please see link below;

ADP-ABA-27 Dec 14-V1.00


Aust Biathlon Member Protection Policy

ABA Member Protection Policy 2016 adopted 25 Nov 2016

AUS Biathlon Annex A to MPP 2016 adoped 25 Nov 2016


Aust Biathlon Participation Agreement



Aust Biathlon Selection Policy

AB Selection Policy 2017-18 20170605_clean


Aust Biathlon Selection Race Cancellation Guidlines

AB Selection Race Cancellation Guidelines 20150624


Aust Biathlon Competition Rules

AB_Competition Rules V5.0_20170605_clean


Whisky Flat Standing Orders

Whiskey Flat Standing Orders 20170605



Aust Olympic Committee Alcohol Statement 

POSITION STATEMENT_AOT and Alcohol Nov 2013- Final


Aust Olympic Committee Anti Doping By Law 

The AOC Executive has approved amendments to the AOC Anti Doping By Law. A copy of the amended Anti Doping By Law can be found at:


Aust Olympic Committee Constitution and By-Laws



Aust Sports Anti-Doping Authority eLearning


Aust Sports Anti-Doping Authority Fact Sheet

NEW e-Learning Fact Sheet - 2015 (3)


Aust Sports Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

2015 WADA Prohibited List


Aust Sports Anti-Doping Authority Check Your Substances Page




IOC Declaration on Good Governance and Clean Athletes

PR66 - IOC Executive Board press release



Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang KOR 2018

The International Olympic Committee has jurisdiction over the Olympic Winter Games (OWG). However, the IBU Event and Competition Rules apply to the OWG.

The National Federation (NF) and Entry Quota for the OWG is based on the NF's ranking in the Nations Cup from the season before the OWG. Further details are determined by agreement between the IOC and IBU Executive Board.

To achieve representation at OWG 2018, a nation must finish with a ranking of 22 or higher (in either/both genders). In addition, there are six Nation Wild Cards with a maximum of 2 athletes per nation.


The IBU/IOC have released the Qualification system for the XXIII Olympic  Winter Games Peongchang 2018. It differs from the 2014 WOG system

As well as an athlete achieving the personal qualification points of having 180 ranking points or less at the end of Trimester before the OWG, and/or meeting other personal requirements, a nation must also reach certain ranking qualification requirements.

As Australia will be unable to achieve Nation Cup Rank of 22 or above in either Men or Women, Australia will only be eligible to participate under Paragraph D.4. This will may allow up to two Male and up to two Female athletes for Australia.


D II_EB 121_Oslo_2016-03-09 - PyeongChang 2018 Qualification System - Biathlon V1

Qualification System Principles Py



2018 Australian Olympic Winter Team - Biathlon Nomination Criteria PUBLISHED

2018 AOC - Biathlon Nomination Criteria PUBLISHED



Further IBU information may be found at:


A list of events at OWG 2018 is here: 
2015-06-08 - 2018 PyeongChang Events - Men_Women_Mixed



Victorian Firearms Licence Restrictions for those aged under 18

Australia’s only accredited alpine biathlon range is located at Whiskey Flat, Mt Hotham, Victoria. Participation in Whiskey Flat events is covered by the Victorian Firearms Act 1996. There are specific restrictions on the use of firearms in Victoria by those aged Under 18.


To view an extract of these restrictions for those aged Under 18, click here: 

Vic_Junior_Firearms Licence_restrictions



To view information from the Victorian Firearms act please follow the link below;